Portraits by Tom Lacey




Cassandra Gordon-Harris by Tom Lacey


(done live during one three hour session in her art class Spring, 2001.

It is very colorful because she is an artist. Her eyes are so dark

 because they had a certain gloominess to them, but I added rays

of hope. I did a psychedelic background as she was once kind of a hippie with flaming red hair.)





(photo of my art teacher, Sandra, next to one of her

 paintings see her website 

Notice that she likes red hair and also ashen colors for skin,

and long skinny limbs in poses that cry out for help.

I think she is kind of autobiographical . She started as a surrealistic painter

from New Mexico, so she also puts surreal elements into her women and backgrounds.)






Tina in new clothes” (acrylic and grout on canvas Christmas, 2004.

The idea here is to make her look happy and sweet and show off the new outfit I bought her.

Do you notice any similarity to Sandra’s style? The hair is much darker than the shirt and background,

with the hands and shirt being the same tonal values. We discussed Matisse’s use of grey and pink/violet.

 They are background to the stronger color regions. Notice how the strong red balances the black of the skirt.

This is also a Matisse style element, the black being negative space. The fruit on the base board is from Cezame.)





Tina and Me at Vince’s Graduation, 2005


(She is wearing the same shirt here)









Kaye by Tom Lacey, Maggotty, Jamaica 2000



Photo of some of the other girls  I sketched on my trip. Notice the braided hair styles.



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